Dr. phil. Joanna Staśkiewicz


Photo: Gabriella Falana

A social scientist with a PhD in cultural studies, focusing on gender, queer and performance studies, sociological theory and visual sociology. Currently I am working on my postdoctoral project Queering of gender, desire and local myths in the New Burlesque. The comparison of the burlesque scenes in New Orleans, Berlin and Warsaw funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG project page) at the University of Potsdam, the Institute for Arts and Media (IKM).

Associate Member on Research Center "Queery/ing Popular Culture" University Siegen.

The particular question in my postdoctoral project concerns the aspect of burlesquing the narratives we are surrounded by in the burlesque performances. I want to investigate how the burlesque uses the narratives of gender roles, sexuality, and local or national myths with the burlesque scene in New Orleans, Berlin, and Warsaw as example. According to Roland Barthes, there is no escape from myths, unless we make our own. The phenomenon of new burlesque can be seen as a new myth or as another iteration of the common imaginings of gender roles, sexuality, and local legends. The performative interplay between these fantasies emphasizes the matrix of meaning that we live in. With my project I will show how the cultural memory is produced in the burlesque and how burlesque can change the understanding of common gender roles and local „authenticity“ and myths through burlesquing/queering them, and thereby revealing the constructive condition of the cultural memory.